Dr.Tryambak Hiwarkar

Dean, Research & Development


1. To promote and facilitate collaborative as well as interdisciplinary research and enhancement of research networking capacity and infrastructure.
2. Enhancement and effectively manage the resources and research support for its members and throughout the College/Institute community.
3. Provide ‘education and training’ in research and related skills, especially the post- graduate and undergraduate students and thereby enhancing the academic programs of their constituent    academic units.
4. Effective contribution to the College’s strategic educational and research missions and to support synergies between research, teaching and learning.
5. Transfer and dissemination of knowledge gained through research for the benefit of society, via a variety of mechanisms as far as practicable.
6. Enhance the reputation of its members, the constituent academic units, and the College through the quality of its work.
7. Ensure integrity, quality and ethics in research

Research Promotion Policies

Research is an important parameter for any Institution. To promote Research and Publications by the faculty members and students of the University, the guidelines for Research promotion is categorized as:-

1) Incentives for Research projects, publications and research related Activities.

2) Financial assistance for pursuing Ph.D.

3) Financial assistance for attending National and International Conferences and Faculty Development programmes

Total Research publications from all Departments are 79

Total Patents filed and Published by College Faculties are – 3

Two Seminars on IPR and Patent filing were conducted out of which one was delivered by Dr.Bharat  Suryawanshi, Assistant Controller,  Rajiv Gandhi NIIPM, Nagpur