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Civil engineering is at the heart of building our future on Earth and beyond.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla

Our Civil Engineering department prepares students to shape the physical world through the design and construction of infrastructure, buildings, and transportation systems. 

Underlying Principles of Civil Engineering

Our Vision

Preparing civil engineers to integrate cutting-edge technologies into a multi-disciplinary work environment

Our goal is to equip them to address societal challenges both independently and collaboratively as team members

Our Mission

Encouraging research and development initiatives with a focus on social values and ethical standards.

Implementing effective teaching and learning processes through policy frameworks to foster individual student development.


Project Based

Learn from

Structural Design and Engineering

Syllabus as per
Industry Requirement


From HOD's Desk

Prof. Pallavi Deotale

Civil Engineering stands as a venerable branch of engineering, making significant contributions to humanity's progress. Beyond conventional infrastructure like roads and bridges, it encompasses pioneering projects such as dams, water systems, and canals, shaping modern civilization. We believe in empowering Civil Engineers to lead humanity's journey toward advancement. Our BTech in Civil Engineering program emphasizes cutting-edge education, featuring state-of-the-art labs, top-tier faculty, and strong industry connections, ensuring the development of exceptional graduates.

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)

Opting for further studies after a BTech in Civil Engineering can be a good decision as it can put you in the line to get a high profile job in the future. 
1.    MBA in Construction Management
2.    Project management
3.    Real Estate Management
4.    Infrastructure Management

Undergraduate Program

DTE Code - 414519110

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