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IoT is not just about connected devices it's about connected experiences.

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies

The Electronics and Telecommunication department offers students the opportunity to explore the intricate world of electronics, telecommunications, and signal processing. 

Rooted Values In Electronics and Telecommunication

Our Vision

Empowering students to become engineering professionals of international caliber by staying updated with the latest technologies, all while serving society's needs.

Our goal is to prepare students for industry and research, promoting professional growth and societal service.

Our Mission

To impart fundamental knowledge in the field of Electronic &Telecommunication Engineering.

To offer an efficient teaching learning process to enrich technical competency.


Project Based

Learn from


Syllabus as per
Industry Requirement


From HOD's Desk

Prof. Malvika Saraf 

The B.Tech. program in Electronics and Telecommunications stands out as a highly sought-after engineering course. It covers essential hardware systems in telecommunications, energy, and electronics industries. Subjects include Analog & Digital Communications, Signals and Structures, Modern Logic & Circuits, and Coding. The curriculum offers a balanced mix of practical and theoretical training, equipping students with the skills needed to design, research, and develop electronic systems for industrial progress. Graduates not only establish themselves but also play a vital role in societal development.

Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Electronics

The Master of Technology (M.Tech) program is an intensive and practical postgraduate degree designed to equip students with advanced skills for specialized engineering roles. It combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, focusing on innovation, problem-solving, and ethical standards.

M.Tech  Program

DTE Code - 414537610

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