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From Incharge Desk

Mr. Abhishek Abrol

The Student Development Cell (SDC) at WCEM occupies a central role in augmenting the comprehensive growth and welfare of our student body. Committed to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment, the SDC prioritizes the holistic development of our students. Through an array of meticulously curated programs and initiatives, our objective is to catalyze personal, academic, and professional advancement among our student cohort. From orchestrating workshops and seminars aimed at honing essential skills to providing bespoke counseling and mentorship services, the SDC is steadfast in its dedication to equipping students with the requisite tools and resources essential for triumph in their academic pursuits and beyond.

Work Scope and Requirements

Prerna - Scheme supporting SC/ST students in higher education.

Samriddhi - Scheme supporting SC/ST students in setting up startups.

SSPCA - Support for students participating in international competitions.

Sending students abroad for research internships (MITACS) - Program for research internships abroad.​

AICTE-INAE Travel Grant Scheme - Travel grants for students.

Handling RTI matters as PIO and FAA for the above tasks.

Preparation of responses to Parliamentary inquiries and other related tasks.

Any additional assignments given by the Competent Authority.

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